Friday, May 27, 2011

When you get teh life, you will not have life.
Why and do not know why this has to be the fact of the life?
This certainly means you have done something which does not please GOD.
But most of the time people do not know what is it?
Well I also do not know what is it?
There is only one solution forget everything and live life as it comes to you!!!
Otherwise you will be fucked.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Great F****** Expectations

There are some people who will always be there for friends, family and love. Out of these people there are some who will never say what they want instead they will do whatever possible to make the other person happy in return they have some expectations. Most of the time they are hurt, reason being the other person does not know the expectations and in the end everthing is messed up.

What I am trying to say here is that if you are one of such a person then remember one thing do not have any expectations at all even from your best friends, do whatever you can but no expectations otherwise you might be hurt in such a way which you cannot forget the whole life.
Have no expectations ride hard and live easy.


The topic may seem a bit misleading that m gonna talk about how to be bad..... well its not that...its how to be selfish for your family,friends and love.
There are many situations in life/career when you to choose between friends,family,love and something else. Most of the time people will choose career.
I would say that is the worst thing ever done by you.Think of this thing,you have maximum of 60-70 years out of which 25-30 are spent for making career.
Rest 20-30years people try to achieve awesome landmarks while forgetting everything else.
I am not saying to stop thinking about your career. I am just saying if you have to choose then choose family/love first and for that people may tell you that you are selfish.
But if you want to spend life to be a perfect one then this is the way.
You would be selfish then as I am.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


How to cope with stress!
The topic itself is a stress :)
This post is not is not about the usual blah blah
Identify the sources of stress in your life or Look at how you currently cope with stress etc..
Its the reality ;)
Here's my idea of idea of how to cope with stress:
Get drunk and blast everything to the person directly ;)
or get naked and blast your self :P and forget ...........

Anyways stress is of different levels like job stress, home stress etc.. or...what I am... or what I want to do..
Here is what you should do..

Whatever the Such situation is ..remember this line.....ftw....FUCK THE WORLD..
Do what you want to ...and not what others want you to do..

In The end will be between the god and you not between you and other people....It has always between you and god ...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Everything is written,everything you do is you have to do"

“Everything is written,everything you do is you have to do”
Is it?

If it is like that then just do nothing as everything is written and you cannot change anything.

So even if I am not doing anything that is also preplanned.

What to do then stay like you are or stop.
The point here is what is the purpose of your life.

So the conclusion is that

“Everything is written,everything you do is you have to do”

Friday, August 28, 2009

Yeh Dooriyan

Kabhi Hua Yeh Bhi!! Khali rahoon pe tu tha mere saath!!
Kaha bhi maine nahin jeena maine jo tu na mila !

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The purpose of life is life of purpose

The purpose of life is 'life of purpose' first this statement seems like crap...but sooner or later you understand the hidden meaning.There comes a stage in life when you are wondering what the f@#$ are you doing in this world...why are you alive ....what is the purpose of your life...This is the time which decides your destiny you can either find what are you upto or die trying to find what were you upto....Finding the purpose of life is about finding what you love to do the most, living with passion, searching for what gives your life meaning. ......It's about being in tune with who you really are and living a life of purpose...... Having a purpose in your life is almost like a spiritual experience. This helps you find the The Meaning of Life,........ and what should we do with our lives?
Well you must be hoping I'll give the answer in this post...well I am also stuck with the same question...hope to solve the mystery soon......